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"Sick" has always been one of my favourite Shel Silverstein poems. A little while ago I read it to my class and they thought it was so funny, especially because they thought my voices and actions were funny - I mean who listens to a teacher complaining about having to go to school? If I’m being honest, I never really cared for poetry growing up. I never understood it, and really didn’t want to. But then I became a teacher and began to discover all these incredibly funny poets - poets who write meaningful ideas that you can actually understand. 
Over the past month, grades 1-4 have been looking at poetry in various ways. All students were tasked with choosing a poem and memorizing it to share with their peers, possibly at the Poetry Meet this week, and possibly at OASIS with some seniors from our community. As I have watched my students learn their poems, and their grade 8 buddies help them with some presentation skills, I can't help but think about God's amazing community, community from inside our school and outside, being bonded together through a single form of writing.  

                                                                                                                               Erica Schuster

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