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February 2020


February can often be a blah month - I am sure many of you can agree. Here at Woodstock Chrstian School our junior and senior grades help break up the February blah’s with electives - activities such as baking, skiing, hairdressing and other alternate activities  So we as primary teachers also decided to break things up for the students in our primary classes this February as well. 

In Grades 1, 2, and 3 this past month we have been enjoying a combined grade exploration unit about Structures. We are learning that structures need to be strong and stable, that they need a strong foundation and strong materials in order to support a load. Students are experimenting with building, using various materials, while also exploring some man made and God made structures in creation. One of the great things about Christian education is the opportunity to weave our Christian faith in to all that we teach. Throughout our primary devotions and structures unit studies, students have made connections to the parable of the wise man and foolish man and how we as believers can build our lives on God’s Word, the Bible which is a solid foundation. Students have also learned that there is a time to build and a time to tear down, a season for everything- a message from the book of Ecclesiastes. 

When you are in our school building take a moment to walk down our primary hallway and enjoy the photos on the bulletin board displaying our learning from this unit. 


~Marcia Horinga~


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Pancake Breakfast

WCS PANCAKE BREAKFAST is happening tomorrow (Wednesday) morning, February 19th. Students are excited about wearing pyjamas, carrying their ‘stuffies’, and eating deliciously sweet and sticky pancakes with their buddies. As a school, we also get excited about being able to support children in countries like Cambodia and Zambia with school supplies, resources, and education programs. Did you know that at least 72 million primary school-age children worldwide are not in school? Children either live too far from schools, need to work/earn money to support their families, or they can’t afford essentials such as uniforms or school supplies. Our annual pancake breakfast @ WCS helps support our neighbours around the world. This year, breakfast money is designated for World Renew. 

World Renew’s goal is systemic, generational change in five key areas: community health, food security, economic opportunity, disaster response, peace and justice. When we partner with this agency, we are supporting programs that work across these areas, renewing more hope for more people in all the ways that count. Check worldrenew.net to read stories of strength, courage, and the faithful love of Christ present around the world. 

So, students, wear your pyjamas and bring your appetite and your favourite 'stuffy' to our annual pancake breakfast on Wednesday, February 19th. The cost is $5 per person or $20 per family. Donations will be gladly received for the work of World Renew. Education is one of the most powerful tools for reducing poverty. Thank you for joining us in changing stories for hope.


                                                                                                                Carol Verbeek 


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What's Your Story?

It’s recruitment season at Woodstock Christian School. Last Thursday evening, we held our annual kindergarten information session. Representatives of the Community Relations Team prepared and set out refreshments. Chairs were set up, screens and projectors and presentations were ready to go. Our 7th graders who were telling about their school experiences arrived, spruced up, with cue cards in hand. Board and committee reps were present to be able to answer questions about governance, finance, transportation and membership. As more and more new and potential families arrived, more and more chairs were set up! Various staff members spoke about the everyday happenings at WCS, and the bigger picture, who we are, what we strive for, and how we offer a different kind of education - a school that sees God in everything we do. Education that sees each other as people uniquely made and as image-bearers of God, sinful - yes - but forgiven and forgiving as we experience God's tremendous grace. It is exciting to be able to share who we are, our mission and vision and our school’s distinctive perspective with a brand new crew of parents.  A WCS parent told the story of the nurture her children have experienced here and the growth and learning she has seen. She knows that God is in this place. It made me wonder about the story each of us is telling. We are partners. WCS is our school and we are on this educational journey together. How has your family been blessed? What’s your story?

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