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A Quiet Day

    Friday was a quiet day at Woodstock Christian School. It was a day for teachers to reflect on the previous nights' discussions, to re- evaluate and to focus on next steps for many of their students.
    Last Wednesday and Thursday night the school was bustling with activity. Parents zig -zagged through the halls, past the various book fair vendors, stopping to chat with other parents whom they haven't seen for a while, and browsing their children's work in the halls. Parent Teacher Interviews …a time for parents and teachers and students to connect and learn from each other. It was a time to pray together for each other, celebrate achievements, to take leadership by many of our older students through their student led conferences and to strengthen the partnerships between home and school. It was a time to applaud and put hands up in the air, cry and laugh, talk and listen, focus on strengths and weakness, a time to once again acknowledge our mission as parents and teachers. It was a time for students, parents and teachers to stand united in our knowledge that our God is above all, through all and in all.  Praise God for the Woodstock Christian School community!
                            Linda Westerveld

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