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    Last Monday was the first day of spring! Did you celebrate? Does this mean the end of snow days? Students are enjoying being unencumbered by boots, snow pants and bulky winter coats as they climb, run, chase, and skip outdoors. Spring at WCS means, among other events, Springfest (aka the Bazaar). If you have not attended, pack up the family on Saturday morning, come have breakfast served by the teachers (the purple shirt crew), play in the games area, purchase baked goods, plants, and other tasty or lovely items. For lunch, enjoy your choice of ethnic foods from the menu provided. And then there's the auction and the drama and banter of that portion of the day. 
    Springfest has a long history for Woodstock Christian School. I attended as a child. Yes, I did. And yes, I was once a child. What do I remember most? The treats. The candy. The crowds. Probably most astounding was the fact that my father would give each of the siblings a twenty dollar bill and tell us to spend it all. (Remember this was several decades ago and twenty was a really big deal!) I remember the fancy cakes in the decorating contest and who could forget the famous 'grab barrel'?  Come to Springfest. It's not just about raising funds. It's about connecting with people. It's about conversation, making memories, and having fun. It's about community. See you there!

                            C. Verbeek, Principal

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