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October 16, 2017
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October 6, 2017
The focus for Forward Drive 2017 is Psalm 78:4b: "We will tell the next
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Battle of the Books 2016/17

Battle of the books is an exciting extra- curricular event for students in grades 4 to 8. Those who wish to participate are required to read ten novels and to practice answering questions about those books. The book release date is near the end of October and the students have until February to read all the books. After that the teams practice and get ready for the big competition day in early April. On that day a junior and senior team compete against other schools by answering questions about the novels. Students enjoy the friendly competition and get enthused about reading. 

Junior Books (Grades 4-6)

From the Mixed up Files of Mrs. Basic E. Frankweiler - Konigsburg
Ruby Holler - Creech
Dancing Through the Snow - Little
The Borrowers - Norton
The Janitor's Boy - Clements
Bud, Not Buddy - Curtis
Chu Ju's House - Mikaelsen
The Money Pit Mystery - Walters
Soul Surfer - Hamilton

Senior Books (Grades 7-8)

A Night Divided - Nielsen
Our of My Mind - Draper
Peak - Smith
Moon Over Manifest - Vanderpool
Wonder - Palacio
Airborn - Oppel
Thunder Over Kandahar - McKay
Red Wall - Jacques
Hope Was Here - Bauer
First Boy - Schmidt