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April 17, 2023
If your house is anything like mine, the question “What did you learn
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It is officially Spring. I must admit that even though there is still snow on
February 27, 2023
Community - a feeling of fellowship with others as a result of sharing common
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Woodstock Christian School is operated with funds from our membership, donations from our community and tuition payments from our families.

We strive to keep tuition at an affordable rate without compromising the quality of our programs.

Tuition fees are a per family rate and include transportation to and from school, all required text books and most tools required in the classroom.

Payments can be made yearly, quarterly or monthly. We offer a variety of payment options to make the commitment to Christian education as simple as possible for you.

In addition, a Tuition Assistance Fund exists to help families with extreme difficulty in meeting their tuition obligation. This fund is managed by the Tuition Assistance Committee. The funds are limited and the committee will not be able to disburse more funds than it has available. All applications for tuition help must be returned to the school by April 30. Applications must be submitted yearly for review.


 2023/2024 School Year: Family Rate and Includes Transportation

Sonbeams (one day per week for the year)- $1578

Junior Kindergarten - $7990

Senior Kindergarten (5 days per week) $12,780

W.C.S. Tuition Rate - $15,965 (per family)

We are a non profit organization and you will receive a donation receipt for part of your tuition. See the chart below for an example of the donation receipt from the 2020 school year.



Junior Kindergarten

Senior Kindergarten

1 Child Full time

2 Children Full time

3 Children Full time

Tuition Fees 






Less: Cost per pupil






Charitable Donation