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Once Again-Yard Sale-June 14th


The sun has been shining lately and we are so thankful!  Sunny days are PERFECT yard sale days!!!!
Once Again Upscale Resale, as you know, is currently still waiting to get back into their building.  
In the meantime, they are hosting a few sales.  THIS SATURDAY from 8 am-3 pm, they will be at WCS hosting their second sale day. 
There will be housewares, furniture, clothing and unique items for sale.  
The clothing will be sold by "stuffing a bag for $5!"  That's right, stuff a grocery bag FULL for only $5.  
Make sure you stop by and see what you can find!

Once Again is working hard to raise funds for WCS, so let's show our support!  
The last sale (furniture sale) held in the gym was a wonderful day of getting to know our community.  
Everybody likes a great deal and the shoppers came in droves!  We sure hope this happens again on Saturday!

How can you help??

As with any event, many hands are needed to lighten the load.  
This Thursday night, from 7pm - 9pm, they are in need of people to help bring up all the donations from downstairs.  
They have been busy sorting items and clothing in the spare classroom.  It's pretty full!  Send your teenagers over for a few hours or 
come yourself.  They definitely need your help!
Friday, June 13 - many of the Once Again board members will be working away all day, sorting and organizing donations, making things look good for Saturday.  
You can contact Jenessa VanRooyen if you'd like to come help them out.  (519-320-1808 or thevanrooyens@yahoo.ca)
Saturday, June 14 -  People are needed during the sale to help out customers, keep the tables looking tidy, working cash, and cleaning up at 3 pm. Again, contact Jenessa VanRooyen if you can help us out.  

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