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Sharing God's Word

Sharing God's Word

This is the last week of our Nicaraguan fundraiser "Sponsor a Laptop" and we thank all the students and teachers for their overwhelming generosity! Next week we will let you know how much money we have raised. I had the opportunity to sit, talk and pray with the five Grade 8 students who will be going on the mission trip to Nicaragua at the end of January. I asked them a few questions and I would like to share some of their responses with you:

How do you try to share God's Word here at WCS?
I share God's word by leading by example, by being a blessing, not a burden, by being a good role model, by showing respect for everyone. And by shining God's face on earth….
I am sharing God's Word by being an example for my classmates and students in younger grades.  I also try my best at whatever I do.
I am sharing God's Word by behaving in class, by being respectful, by building strong relationships.
I share God's Word by being a role model within my class and within the whole school.
I share God's Word by being an example for how to live a Christian life for younger students. I work at building a relationship with my fellow classmates and with the younger students at school.

How do you plan to share God's Word when you go to Nicaragua?
I want to be a light in their dark lives. I want to teach them how to truly live a life for God, helping them build a foundation for the children's lives for God. I want to teach them that they are all worth something in God's eyes.
I want to make the kids feel like we really care. I want to be part of the kids' camp telling the kids about God. I will show them love, be caring.
I want to show the Nicaraguans love and hope. I want to be in their community and tell them about God.
I want the kids to feel wanted and worth a lot. I want to go out and just love them.
I will care, help, and pray for the people down there. I want to be a good example for the kids there and be respectful to my teammates and people there.

What a wonderful testimony these young teens offer as they strive to live their lives for God, here at WCS and as they go to Nicaragua.

Brittany, Julia, Jonathan, Madelyn and Tiffany….. God will give you the strength to live out your commitments - Go with God!
Mrs. Huinink-Buiter
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