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Glory to God

This year at WCS, our theme "the whole earth is filled with God's glory"  is based on the words written by David in Psalm 8. We can imagine David gazing at a beautiful starlit night sky and being inspired to write about God's glory reigning above and on the earth.
On a different starry night many years later,  a group of shepherds were tending to their sheep. Once again God's glory reigned above the earth (Luke 2:9). The angel revealed God's fulfilled promise from Genesis 3:15 and the long awaited child prophesied in Isaiah 9:6,7. Immanuel (Isaiah 7:14) was now dwelling with the Jews and Gentiles. Angels appeared and sang praises to God, worshipping Him. Truly, the earth was  filled with God's glory as He himself came to dwell among us. The news that God's plan of redemption had begun and God did not send 'someone' He had come   Himself! Our heavenly Father came to make a way to bring you and I back to Him. Jesus Christ remains the greatest gift that we can receive. Speak the gift of Jesus with someone this Christmas season and say thank you to God for His amazing love!
"Glory to God in the highest' and on earth peace to men on whom his favour rests." (Luke 2:14)

Mrs. Racicot
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