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Mana, manna, manna

Manna, manna, manna.

Manna here, manna there, manna everywhere. Manna bread, manna crepes, manna casserole ..... and on and on. You get the picture.
Last week in SK, we heard the story of the Israelites in the desert receiving this wondrous white gift tasting somewhat of milk and honey with a bit of oil mixed in. The children all went into their  imaginary tents with hungry tummies and woke up in awe to this provision.
One of the things that this story taught us was that God gives us everything we need, everyday. As God gave the Israelites fresh food every day, God gives us a fresh start every day and every year. God wants us to trust Him and rest in Him.
But as the story goes on, Gods people were not satisfied with this manna. While it gave the people everything that was necessary for life, it did not fully satisfy.  It was simply a foretaste of the delicious milk and honey that God had waiting for them. When God's people entered their promised land, God no longer sent the manna. They now had the real thing!
As we start a new year 2015, it is our prayer that you will trust God to supply your needs, the manna, but that you will also experience Jesus as your source of life and satisfaction... true milk and honey!

Linda Westerveld

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