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WCS is the place to be!

Woodstock Christian School is the place to be!!!

Re-commitment forms for next school year went home last week. My prayer is that you will continue to send your children to WCS. As you fill out your forms and return them to the school, think about this… your child(ren) spend about 7.5 hours a day at school. That means a big part of their waking hours are lived at school. WOW! Your child(ren) are the most precious people in your lives, and you want the very best for them! Where do you want them to be educated? At WCS, your child(ren) receive an education which is centred on the Lord Jesus Christ- to nurture them to live a life of praise and service to God! At WCS, dedicated teachers are accredited to teach your child(ren), with many of them holding specialist certification in their area of expertise. They love the children in their class and are committed to their well-being as they learn and grow. At WCS, each day begins with God's word, as students and teachers spend time with God seeking his blessing on every part of the day. At WCS, your children are challenged by a curriculum aligned with the Ontario Ministry of Education expectations, ever-adapting to 21st century learning goals, and built on the mission and vision of the school. At WCS, your children are a part of a loving, caring, supportive community in which they are challenged to think about whose they are, how they should live and learn, and what it means to live as children of God in this world. We don't know what their future looks like, but God does and we trust He leads us all as we nurture the children that He has entrusted to us.
Please pass the word to friends, neighbours and relatives that WCS is the place that they should explore as an option for their children's education!

Mrs. Bernice Huinink-Buiter (Principal)

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