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Student Testimonial-Esther deVries


We would like to thank Esther for sharing her experience at Woodstock Christian School during our Kindergarten Information Evening.  Her story had our audience laughing and our staff holding back tears!  

"Hi my name is Esther de Vries. I’ve been at W.C.S. for 10 years, from JK to grade 8. Here are some of my favourite memories: Nap time because my friends and I would secretly talk. Story time because my classmates and I would all take turns being the top-dog and getting to sit on Mrs.V’s knee. While everyone else sat criss cross applesauce which I could never do. I loved buddy time, and still do, using chalk on the pavement, running mileage club laps, and fingerpainting. 
While being here at W.C.S I have been involved in many extracurricular activities. Soccer, hockey, basketball, volleyball, badminton, cross country, and battle of the books. And this year we even had the pleasure of playing football at the Rogers centre in Toronto. I love going to these events because I meet new people, and have fun playing sports for the glory of God. I also had the opportunity to be in student’s counsel. Student’s counsel organizes the pizza and sub days. And they plan some of the special days our school has wacky hair day, spirit day, pajama day, moustache and beard day, bubble gum day, winter wonderland day, and, my favourite, the amazing race, which happens on the last day of school.
 But, as much as I wish it was, school isn’t only fun and games.
You do a poem in grade 1, it’s scary presenting in front of class by yourself for the first time. All of our spelling words in grade 2 went on The Word Wall on the side chalkboard, by the end of the year you could barely see the chalkboard. I remember when I had my first major project, the tree project, in grade 3. I thought my tree was so cool because it had a hornets nest in it. In grade 4 we start learning the recorder. As I hear the grade four’s playing their instruments across the hall from my classroom I think wow Mrs. Martin has brought us a long way in band class. In grade 5 we started speeches, I was way more nervous than I should have been. In grade 6 I had a huge remembrance day project, I learned all about John Mcrae. Grade 7 I started this thing called the science fair project, I had no idea what was coming to me. But I survived… thanks to the teachers greatly appreciated help and encouragement!! I love being in grade 8 we get special privileges. Like the priorities in choir, our first choice in electives, and besides just learning our instrument in band class my class and I get to build ukuleles. 
Overall the most important thing about my school is being able to do devotions in the mornings, prayer before lunchtime, bible classes, Godly teachers, and a Christian view on everyday life. I have been growing in the faith since I walked through the J.K doors on my first day of school. W.C.S. has been a big impact on how I see things. I make new experiences here everyday and will never forget them."


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