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Reading With Your Children

Last week at the Edifide Convention, we as educators were reminded of the importance of reading to and with children. The oral art of story-telling is so important for our children's development and to the building of community. How special when we sit together at the Sunday dinner table with family and tell/listen to stories of grandparents' and parents' lives. And for parents and grandparents to listen to their children/grandchildren's stories! What an awesome opportunity to see how God is leading us all through the journey of life! Children love snuggling up before bedtime to listen to a story being read to them. At the convention, I attended a workshop by one of my favourite authors, Hugh Cook (who also was my Grade 10 -12 English teacher at LDCSS a few??? years ago), and he told us one of his first recollections of story was when his Dad read Old Testament stories every evening at the supper table. I fondly remember listening to Mr. Cook's stories when I was his student in high school. Children do not outgrow this need to have stories told to them or books read to them. One of my most special memories of story is when I read "Tale of Two Cities" by Charles Dickens with my college student daughter on Sunday afternoons when she came home for the weekend. This past blustery, rainy Saturday, I had the blessing of reading "The Gruffalo" with my three grandsons snuggled up together on the couch- so good! In the classroom, one of the favourite times of the day is when the teacher says "I am going to read to you!" Every teacher can appeal to students' imagination through the power of story. Parents and teachers, thank God today for your children and pause in your busy life to read a story with them!

Bernice Huinink-Buiter

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