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    It was certainly a weekend of celebrations - Valentine's Day, Canada Flag Day, and Family Day! I pray that you were all blessed in amazing ways!
    This morning, I visited various classes to see what they were doing, and yes, I saw more celebrations…. Four classes are celebrating a classmate's birthday, many classrooms are sharing their wonderful celebrations of the weekend, the JK class is baking cookies and plan to bring them to various service agencies in town, Grade 6 /7 students are celebrating French culture with delicious crème puffs, Grade 7 /8 students are delivering their speeches (after all the weeks of preparing, they finally can present!), a longtime Christian school supporter stands at the front desk in the office and shares the story of her husband's death and, with a smile, she testifies that he is now celebrating life forever with Jesus….it is a beautiful day!!!
    Jean Vanier says, "We must learn to celebrate. I say learn to celebrate, because celebration is not just a spontaneous event. We have to discover what celebration is. Our world doesn't know much about celebration. We know quite a bit about parties…... We know what movies and distractions are. But do we know what celebration is? Do we know how to celebrate our togetherness, our being one body? Do we really know how to use all that is human and divine to celebrate together?"
    Here at WCS, each day we are learning what celebration is… God has given us so much to celebrate! "This is the very day God acted - let's celebrate!" Psalm 118:24

                            Mrs. Huinink-Buiter

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