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Love of Reading

    I have the privilege of working one day a week as Librarian of WCS. So when it is my turn to write for this newsletter it is no surprise that I will write about the love of reading! Seneca, an important Roman writer and tutor once said "As meat is to the body, so reading is to the soul." Is it really that important? I often hear kids, and young adults say, "I just don't read…."
    In the context of the school, studies show that "Students with a more positive attitude toward reading tend to be more successful in all subjects" as well as "Reading is not only associated with high student achievement. Engaged readers are also more likely to be socially and civically engaged as well." (People for Education 2011) This is where the school library comes in. WCS has always had a board that has consistently valued funding towards the school library. The students have access to a solid collection of great books and the love of reading is instilled early on by superb teachers. Parents support fundraising efforts such as the Book Fair. The Library at WCS is a well used and positive place.
    Parents can support their child's achievement by addressing the joy of reading by example and by being supportive. Regardless of the form (think technology and social media) reading for the joy of it will broaden our horizons, and make our imaginations work. Think of how reading has enriched your life. I will end by quoting Hazel Rochman, a famous South African author. I love her quote which tells us how reading opens doors to many new places, ideas and things. "Reading makes immigrants of us all. It takes us away from home, but most important, it finds homes for us everywhere." Now that is enriching!

                            M. Dieleman

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