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God Has Created Us To....

Thank you to all those involved in Christian Education week, a week that WCS focuses on the blessings of Christian education. And what a blessing it is!
A few weeks back when I was looking for a devotion to share with the staff, I came across the following words by Charles Swindoll in a devotion entitled "Chance":
With the help of a telescope or a microscope we are ushered into a world of incredible, infinite design. Take your choice: astronomy or biology… and sheer, unemotional intelligence will force you to mumble to yourself, "Behind all this was more than chance. This design is the result of a designer!" His name?  God, the Creator.
God has created us to be a part of this great design. God has created us to study, explore, ponder, and delight in his creation. He has created us to sing and tell about his wonderful deeds including his creation story. The primary students did just that when they shared a musical about the depths of God's glory last week during Christian Education week. Great job, primary students of WCS!
Whether we have an opportunity to study Canada as the primary students have recently completed, or study the Renaissance period as my own class has recently done, we cannot help but marvel at the design of this world. Like the psalmist we echo Psalm 19:1: "The heavens declare the glory of God;  the skies proclaim the work of his hands." Praise God that we can acknowledge at this school that the world is created by God, and have an opportunity to talk and sing about this Creator!
Thanks again to all those who helped us celebrate Christian Education week!

                                                                         G. Hiemstra

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