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Ode to Dandelions

Ode to Dandelions

    I woke up Saturday morning and looked with dismay at the sea of yellow in our large backyard. Dandelion season has returned, and I have finally given up on trying to win the battle with these pesky weeds. I tried for years to pull, pluck, and spray these nasty plants, but each year they have returned even more abundantly.
    Our youngest daughter, Emma, woke up shortly after I did, and a huge smile emerged across her face as she gazed out at the backyard. Her eyes soaked in a beautiful expanse of bright yellow flowers. But not just any flowers, her favourite - dandelions!
    As I watched and listened to her excitedly talk about how many dandelions we already have in our yard, and how many more she hoped would be coming, I was reminded of how beauty can be found everywhere! I smiled as I remembered the many times in past years our children have given me handfuls of dandelions as expressions of their love. I have put countless yellow weeds in small cups and vases and set them prominently on the centre of our kitchen table.
    Yesterday, I am sure many mothers received bunches of dandelions, handprint cards, beaded necklaces, painted flowerpots, or other gifts of affection from their young children. Hopefully those mothers with older children also received cards, gifts, hugs, or acts of kindness. God has created us to be in loving families and communities, and giving gifts from the heart helps build relationships and demonstrates love. I am so thankful for my mother and for my children. I am thankful that God has created me to be a mother, and that I am blessed daily by the love my children shower on me.
    I have a small vase filled with wilted dandelions sitting on my kitchen table. Although I cannot say that I now love dandelions, my feelings about them in my backyard are beginning to soften. I can even say, "Thank you, God, for dandelions!"
    Praying you all had a blessed Mother's Day yesterday.

                            Tracy Bulthuis

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