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Testimonial-Jeffrey Grade 8 Student at WCS

With my Great Grandfather as one of the founders of John Knox Christian School (1959), my parents chose to follow their roots and send me to this school.
From JK to Grade 8, I have learned much in each subject and about living a Christian life.  I have experienced so many good things here.  I have compiled a "short list" of some of the highlights:
-Small classes are a benefit as it is nice to learn with the same group of students each year.
-Electives during February and March are a treat.  We are able to choose activities such as hockey, skiing, bowling, badminton, curling, baking, knitting or woodworking.  These are a great break from a regular school day.
-Buddy classes are a highlight.  Working together with younger classes on special assemblies and extra activities on Friday are fun with our buddies.
-Competitive sports like track and field and hockey are my favourite.  I proudly say that our school hockey team won the championship for the past 4 seasons!!
-The teachers are approachable and are always happy to help when we need them.  For example, if we have a questions about homework or a project we can email them in the evening and they typically respond quickly.
-The teachers are kind.  Sometimes it's not easy being a kid.  They encourage us, give us pats on the back and sometimes even a hug when we need it.
My years here have gone quick and soon I will graduate.  My memories here will last for many years.
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