800 Juliana Drive, Woodstock, Ontario

Phone: 519-539-1492


Faith Learning Community

Faith.  Learning.  Community.

    At Woodstock Christian School, we strive to have a warm, welcoming, Spirit-filled community that reaches beyond our students.
    Within our WCS community, we have many groups that make up their own smaller communities: families, students, parents, membership, committees, teachers, bus drivers -the list goes on. Each of these communities share common attitudes, interests and goals. We work together for the best interest of the school's students, but also for the long term sustainability of Christian Education.
It is our prayer that you take an active part in our WCS community's events, or drop by the school throughout the school year and enjoy the benefits of fellowshipping together.
    The first event planned for the year is our Back to School Dessert Social. Join us  Friday evening (with a -nut free- dessert to share) for a look into your child(ren)'s classroom and around the school. We will also take time to say a prayer for the school year together.
    We look forward to seeing you!
                                Dawn Streutker
                                Advancement & Communications

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