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Leadership Teams


We believe that every child can contribute to the community and make our WCS community a better place.  We teach leadership at Woodstock Christian School through the development and execution of our leadership teams. These teams participate in both classroom and school wide projects to serve the school body and community in a variety of ways. The teams are a unique opportunity to meet the primary objective of equipping the next generation of great Christian servers. Students discover God’s ultimate truth, their unique gifts, and their purpose in life. At our school we have over twenty leadership teams ranging from technology to morning announcement team.  These leadership teams also act as enrichment vehicles for every student in our school, giving them the opportunity to lead and excel beyond their academic or classroom scope


For example:


Photography Team:

Responsibilities: this team will assist in taking pictures throughout the school on daily/weekly basis. They will learn how to use the school digital cameras and take pictures within classroom, outside classroom environment and during special school events. They will have to be creative, take quality pictures, and must be detailed-oriented as some pictures will be used for the local newspapers, and other school publications such as the yearbook.

Time Commitment: The team will meet on an as needed basis and students may have to take 10-15 minutes of class time periodically to perform the picture taking duties.

Abilities Needed: willing to learn, creative, detail-oriented, dependable

Staff Support: D.Streutker

Grades: 5-8

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