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God's Bigger Story

God’s BIGGER Story!

    I want to share some ‘pictures’ of what I saw as I wandered into classrooms this morning:
    •    Grade 7/8 boys’ gym class: Playing Flag Football, learning how to work as a team, how to play hard respecting all teammates as well as players on the opposing team, building their skill level as they practice the rules and plays.
    •    Grade 1: Writing reflections on their class trip to the Woodstock Art Gallery last week. The Grade 1 students are just learning how to communicate by writing, building their writing and print skills. That is very hard work and involves taking risks! One girl, after reading her story to me, commented, “Writing is my favourite thing to do at school!”
    •    Grade 2: Students involved in their Daily 5 Language Arts’ activities- a quiet bustle of reading in pairs, reading alone, listening to a book, writing, working with words. One students asks to read a book to me- he is so proud of how the words on the page come to life for him and is eager to share his thoughts as he reads.
    •    SK: Fluffy, the class bunny,  is out of his cage playing with students who are building with straws and connectors. Students share how he is climbing up their leg and trying to eat only the orange (carrots??) connectors which they have put away. Fluffy is very much a part of this group hopping into and out of the towers that the students are building.
    Yesterday, I attended the Ingersoll Christian Reformed Church service focussing on Christian Education. Pastor Norman Visser reminded us that we are a part of God’s amazing story,and that God’s story is so much bigger than we can imagine. In the big picture of God’s story, these vignettes that I have just shared may seem small, but they are all a part of God’s bigger picture. He allows us to see and tell His story to one another, and we do so joyfully knowing He is the author and sustainer of all of creation!
                                    “Wonder-fully” serving In God’s BIG story, Bernice Huinink-Buiter

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