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Hooray for Buses!

Hooray for Buses!!

    This week, we at WCS want to focus on Safety on the School Buses. Six Woodstock Christian School buses travel each school day to pick up/drop off our precious cargo- the students! An estimated 16,850 kms/year are driven by 6 dedicated, caring bus drivers (and spare bus drivers), and they all feel God’s hands over theirs as they drive. They tell me often of how God’s presence surrounds their bus every minute on their routes and they depend on Him to keep them safe.
    Sometimes buses are late, sometimes we ask you to bring your child(ren) in, sometimes your child(ren) get missed, …..we acknowledge that we make mistakes and I apologize for these times. Some of your families get VERY early pick-up times or VERY late drop-off times, while some of you have to drive your child(ren) to bus stops. I realize that there are frustrations for many of our families. Please know that as transportation committee, as bus drivers, as school principal, we CARE so much about your family and we want to do the best we can to ensure a safe, happy, comfortable ride for your child(ren). We spend a lot of time reviewing stops and new possibilities for our routes. I appreciate hearing from you about your concerns and hope that you feel listened to.
    So this week, will you please talk with your child(ren) about safety on the bus? The school day begins as soon as your child(ren) get on the bus and ends when they get off the bus. It is essential that each student takes responsibility and does his/her part to make the ride a safe one. Check your Family and Student Handbook for safe bus guidelines and review them  with your children. Students, take time this week to thank your School Bus Safety Patrollers - they are a bus driver’s (and your)best friends!
Pray for the bus drivers often as they drive their routes. They are carrying your most precious ‘possessions’.
         Trusting God always and serving His children, 

                        Mrs. Bernice Huinink-Buiter (principal)

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