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    November is such a wonderful time of year. But it's also a busy time of year for everyone! School, work, life in general can take a toll on us. Hopefully we make time for community. This means creating time for our friends and our family. Maybe even some extra quiet time with God. Our hearts might need it. It can be hard for us to carve out those times from our busy lives. But it's so important.
    Woodstock Christian School is part of your "community." Hopefully it feels like part of your family. But does it ever feel like it's hard to make time to get to get involved and to get to know people? Like really get to know people? The casual passings in the hallway are nice, but having community means spending time.
    As a member of a school committee, and having been around for many years, I encourage you to get involved with the school. It means time and efforts, but the benefits are great! You will get to know more people and you will feel like you have some insight into the "behind the scene" parts of this school. It's amazing how many hands and hearts it takes to make this school function. 
    And it's amazing what happens when you get involved. You will find out more about why you love this school. It's made up of so many different people from so many different backgrounds. We all bring our own communities to the table and create one big one here at WCS. This is certainly something to celebrate!
    It's a pretty neat thing. Taking all our differences, our different backgrounds and our different personalities...and coming together for the cause of Christian Education! Try to look at how you can get involved. Ask! It will be so worth your time and only good can come of it. You'll feel so much more a part of this wonderful community and you will benefit in many ways. So will all the students. And that's what it's all about!! Think about your "communities" today. All of them. Pray for them and look at how you can grow them.

                            Jenessa VanRooyen

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