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Restorative Justice

Relationships First!!

This week, November 16-21 we celebrate Restorative Justice week with our nation. Restorative justice originates from traditions that identify justice as promoting the worth, well-being and interconnectedness of people with God, and with one another in community. At WCS we strive to “act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with [our] God.” This is about creating and nurturing healthy relational communities where we commit to interacting with one another in a manner that upholds the dignity of all. In this culture, when harm occurs, instead of asking “Who did it? What do they deserve?” we ask, “What has happened? Who has been hurt? What are their needs? Who is obliged to address the needs and put right the harm”? (Zehr, 2005). Living in Community at WCS, means putting relationships first!!

~Mrs. Huinink-Buiter  

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