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Leave a Message

Leave a Message

    Driving past a church in Woodstock on the weekend I spotted a church sign that said, "Leave a Message." "How odd", I thought, "Was the church closing or under construction?" "Rather impersonal, especially during this advent season."
    After driving about 100 meters past that sign, I realized that the sign was exactly right for the advent season and indeed, very personal. Christmas is all about messages. It's about messages we give and receive.
    Of late, we have heard messages of war, death, destruction and illness..... messages of darkness. But during advent, we are reminded that we are the people walking in darkness who have seen the Great Light. He is our message! It is a message of hope and peace to the world that is often hopeless and without peace, life eternal to the mourning, restoration to the sick and broken. Our message is Immanuel.... God With Us.
    As staff and students at Woodstock Christian School we seek to be the messengers and agents of renewal to our world. We will leave a message.....

                            L. Westerveld

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