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Plans for the New Year

    I read the following quote on New Year's Eve "Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one!", and it made me start to ask myself all kinds of questions. What sort of story do I want to write this New Year? What things do I want to do? What adventure do I want to go on? What goals do I want to strive for? But I quickly caught myself making many plans of my own and forgetting that God has already written my story and I need to look to Him and seek His ways to help me discover my story. I then reworded my questions - What things does God want me to do this year? What adventures does God have in store for me this year? What a shift in perspective!
    I like this quote because it also ties in so well with our theme this year of "Telling God's Story". Each of us has a personal story that will unfold throughout this New Year, but each of our stories are also part of the larger God story. As we begin writing on these new pages let's remember to keep God at the core of our story and to tell His story as often as we can. Blessing for 2016!
                            Marcia Horinga

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