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Once Again Thrift Shop - Announcement

Please read thru this letter recieved from the Board of Directors at Once Again:


Image Once Again Thrift Shop 



Special Announcement 


Dear; Friends and Supporters of Once Again Thrift Shop 


As the new year begins, our Board of Directors at Once Again is reflecting on years past.  Once Again has had many ups and many downs in the last three years.  We have seen many positive impacts and relationships form with our community of Woodstock.  We have also had some setbacks.  


Our mandate for Once Again has always been to raise significant funds for Woodstock Christian School.   Much work has gone into the set up and maintenance of the store and various people have put in many hours.   We are grateful for all of this work, however, we need to assess the mandate and whether or not we are meeting it.    


Donations continue to pour in, however, our profits are not meeting targets.  They are lower than anticipated and this makes fulfilling our mandate impossible.  We have some wonderful volunteers and we appreciate them all, however, we have always struggled with having enough.  This results in more hours of hired help.  Our location is ideal for such a store, howeverit is very expensive.  All of these factors have lead us to the decision not to sign our lease as of February of this year.   

This does not have to be a permanent decision, but at this time and at this location, we are deciding to close.   


We will be hosting sales for all of January and the beginning of February.  Our official closing date will be February 13, 2016. 


We want to emphasize how grateful we are for the support shown by Woodstock Christian School and all of the families involved.  Once Again has certainly been a light in the community and we know that all things have a purpose in God’s story.  Once Again is happy that for three years we could be part of the downtown community, serving in a variety of capacities.   


Thank you,  


Once Again Board of Directors 




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