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Prayer - Let's Talk!

Prayer- Let’s talk!

God wants us to talk with Him. He knows our stories - He cares about our joys and our sadness, our concerns and our dreams, our successes and our disappointments. And He asks us to talk to Him about all of these things, to seek His guidance, to tell Him how much we love Him. God hears our prayers and listens to us. He loves you and me. As we live out the story He has planned for us, we need to ask Him to be in our lives today - He is God of our everything. And He calls us to pray for others, interceding for those who have special needs, giving thanks for those who bless us and fill us with joy. What a comfort it is to share with God what is so close to our hearts! What a safe place to be when we know someone is praying for us!

                            Mrs. Bernice Huinink-Buiter

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