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    We all know the importance of "sticking to it" or "self discipline." It is an important asset to have when it comes to any task we are setting out to do. This is a practice we need to continually cultivate at any age we are at! Recently I had the privilege  of speaking to the junior and senior grades of WCS about this "sticking to it" asset in regards to their research. We mostly talked about plagiarism, and briefly spoke about the importance of looking at our sources of information with a critical eye. We talked about the need to question where does particular information come from and why did the author write it? As in all of our tasks, we can get sloppy and take the "easy street." I have a fellow librarian friend who calls the rather easy street way of getting information "Type, Click, Skim, Done." But are we really "done?" This takes discipline and practice. It can seem that we are being blown over by mountains of words and information and it is conveniently located at our fingertips. I was impressed  how in our discussions, the students indicated that they are very aware that the sources of information are very important. Their teachers have been busy teaching them information literacy. Actually we as Christians are always called to discern what the truth really is, as we look at things through the eyes of faith. That is the discipline we are called to engage in. Your children are practising it and that is a skill we can be thankful for at a Christian School, because our common faith in Jesus is the starting point.

                            Marion Dieleman, Librarian

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