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Science Fair


"How does science help us understand more about God?" Student responses included:
"We can study and reveal more mysteries about His creation."
"It shows us how complex God has made everything, and how everything is connected, or has some formula to it."
"Science explains things and unravels secrets that the world has."
"We become more curious about creation and find out more about Him."
"Science helps us understand more about God because we see that God put a lot of time into creating every detail."
"Science helps us figure out what God has done."
 "We see that God cares about his creation."
Once again, it is time for the Woodstock Christian School Annual Science Fair! For the past two months, senior students have been researching, experimenting, building, planning, and immersing themselves in scientific exploration. On Thursday last week, each student presented his/her completed project in class. It was a wonderful afternoon celebrating creation and giving credit and praise to the Creator. Each student explained his/her scientific question, hypothesis, procedure, results, discussion, conclusion, and applications. Students also shared Christian perspective around their topic as well as the importance, for Christians, of doing science. Again and again, students professed, "In the beginning, God created". They are confident in the knowledge that God created, reveals himself in creation, and continues to preserve and sustain what he has made.
This Tuesday, students from all grade levels will be setting up their projects in the gym as an exhibition of learning for the larger community to enjoy. Come and join us. Come and see again what God has done!

                            Mrs. C. Verbeek

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