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Good Friday Love and Easter Hope

Good Friday Love and Easter Hope JESUS loves me..., Jesus LOVES me... Jesus loves ME! I know that, but each year as Good Friday approaches, this becomes so abundantly real to me. As I look at the ways I have let God and others down, as I see how I can never measure up to who God has meant me to be, as I recognize my own brokenness, my sinful nature, I hear Christ’s words to me in John 15:9, “As the Father has loved me, so I love you. Abide in my love.” And because of that great love, He chose to die for me. Max Lucado says, “He knew the price of those [my] sins was death. He knew the source of those [my] sins was you [me] and since he couldn’t bear the thought of eternity without you [me], he chose the nails.” He died for me…. What unconditional, amazing love! What a Saviour! Three days after he stretched out His arms on the cross saying “I love you this much!” and died, He rose from the dead! On Easter morning, He broke through the finality of death and He lives!! What hope Christ brings to all of creation! Hope for renewal and restoration, new and abundant life - “I will make everything new!” I pray that all of you will know and abide in the abounding love and hope of Christ’s death and resurrection - Jesus loves YOU!!!! Bernice Huinink-Buiter
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