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The Little Details

The Little Details

    As we've been unpacking and reflecting on the story of Jesus' death and resurrection throughout the past few weeks, the Gr. 5 students and I have been reminded of the importance of 'the little details'. The little details can make a story come to life. Whether it's the back-story of a character, or how the author describes the setting; all great stories seem to paint a vivid picture by including several details to allow the reader to create a memorable image, and hold on to that content for a long time.
    Recently our class finished a historical-fiction story-book entitled: Amon's Adventure which we thoroughly enjoyed. The story takes place in Jerusalem, a few weeks before Jesus' death on the cross. Amon, a 13 year old boy, and his two friends, have to try and save Amon's father (who has been accused of stealing from the temple) from a terrible fate: crucifixion. The three kids overcome many obstacles, all of which are based on writings from the 4 gospels. One major challenge for Amon is whether or not he believes that Jesus is truly The Messiah. Our class really enjoyed this story and would recommend it to anyone. The little details chosen by the author paint a vivid picture of that time culture and time period, and the different attitudes of the Jewish and Roman people toward Jesus. The grade 5 students and I, found out through experience that reading a story like Amon's Adventure  really helped increase our understanding of who Jesus is and what he stood for. 

                            Axel Hiemstra, Gr. 5 

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