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The Next Page of Our Story???

The Next Page of our Story???

    This year we have been made aware that God is calling us to tell His story. And we have done this with much joy! We have also learned that God is writing our story. Each day we live, God is leading us through the story prepared in advance for us. Our life story belongs to Him! At WCS, we have seen some awesome days and some tough times, but we have always known God’s guidance along the way. We have learned to depend on Him for all things and be strengthened through Him.
    For the past months the Board of Directors has been praying over  and planning for ‘the next page’ (2016-2017) of our school’s story. I invite you all to come to the Spring Membership Meeting this Thursday to hear about these plans and bring your expertise to the discussions we will have. The BOD values your viewpoints as they make decisions. Together we will seek God’s will for the future! 
See you Thursday evening at 8:00 pm!
                            In Christ’s Service,
                            Bernice Huinink-Buiter

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