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    First, I would like to thank the WCS community for their support in the production of "Anne of Green Gables." It was so great to see so many parents, grandparents, and friends of the children come out to see our production!! As one of the directors, I have the great privilege of working with the students and watching them develop the talents God has given them. It is so awesome to watch them shine on the stage.
    Second, I would like to thank the administration of WCS for allowing each grade in our school the opportunity to watch drama presentations. I have a real heart for acting and I am very grateful that each year our students can experience drama presentations. Grade 4 is starting a study of William Shakespeare this week and will have an opportunity to put on a play for the whole school audience and for parents and grandparents.
    Thanks once more for all the love, encouragement, and support that we have received from our WCS parents and community!!
                            N. VanAndel


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