800 Juliana Drive, Woodstock, Ontario

Phone: 519-539-1492


The survey says....

A recent survey sent to families at Woodstock Christian School asked the following question.

How has our school been a benefit to your child?

  • Our children are happy to go to school.  They love their friends, are growing in faith and Christian character and are doing well academically.
  • They are getting the right amount of help to pass their grades.
  • Positive influence.
  • My child has learned how to overcome hardships and forge new relationships.
  • The love for our children from the staff is amazing.
  • I know my child is loved and well cared for.  Their well being is top priority.
  • My child is more independent and self confident now.
  • Loving teachers that care.
  • Amazing! I can't believe how much my child has grown and learned.  As parents we couldn't be happier!
  • Highly recommend Christian Education.  Gives them a strong base to build upon.
  • Beyond words! Our family feels a lot of support from the school.  We definitely feel that the school is walking alongside our family as we raise these kids for Christ.  
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