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This is the Air I Breathe...

This is the Air I Breathe…

It is a joy to begin my week in the Grade 5 classroom this morning for their opening devotions. The class sits in circle formation at the back of the room and listens to one of their peers lead with a reading about Psalm 8. Altogether, we ‘see’ God’s amazing presence throughout the universe and also within each of our hearts. In the devotional piece, the question asked is “How can God be EVERYWHERE?” with the response that God is so awesome we cannot understand His presence, but know it is true. As I try to wrap my thinking around this profound thought, I feel the gentle breeze through the window and I breathe deeply. Immediately I am overwhelmed with the message of Acts 2 in which God sent His Holy Spirit with what sounded like a wind. I realize God’s presence is like the air that is always around us and in us. I take that for granted and so often I take God’s presence for granted as well. But not this morning… through the message of a Grade 5 student, I thank God for his overwhelming presence, love and care. As we pray together, God hears our requests and praises. He is with us again as we live through another day.

What a blessing to begin our school day with God in this awesome way!

Mrs. Bernice Huinink-Buiter

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