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It is hard to think that there are only 13 days left of school before we head out for our summer vacation. This year's school theme has been focussed on "Telling God's Story" and over the past 163 days of school many stories have been told. Each child has grown and travel led a little in their own story, we have heard stories of our amazing God and his creation, and this morning we heard stories through music. And over the next 13 days, more stories will be told as teachers begin to wrap up units of study, we talk about summer plans, and just rejoice in the amazing stories that God has for us to learn and experience over the next few days. 

As I think back to September and the new students I had coming into my classroom for the first time, and think to where they are now, I am amazed at the story that each one can tell. They will share stories of sadness, joy, challenges, and successes. Each one of their stories combined together for these past 10 months to create an additional story in their lives. A story of community where we could learn, grow, and support one another in all that we do. I pray that as you and your family prepare to head into the summer that you will continue looking for the many different stories that God is sharing with you. 

Have an amazing last couple of days looking for, and listening to the stories. 

E. Schuster

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