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October Glory

Last week, our third grade students went to the Arboretum for a field study of trees. This week, our seventh and eighth grade students will be involved in a reforesting project - planting trees at the edge of the city of Woodstock. This is a great month for noticing trees.

There is a gorgeous tree in my back yard which is of the species Acer rubrum "October Glory" which the website (http://homeguides.sfgate.com) says is “commonly known as red maple, is a medium- to fast-growing vibrantly coloured tree with a round or oval crown of dense glossy foliage. The "October Glory" cultivar can survive in several climates…

I love the name of this tree as it just rolls off of my tongue. October glory. You must say it out loud to appreciate it. Really though, the creator of October glory, the tree, and October glory in general, is our great Creator God. As you spend time outdoors this month - walking, hiking, raking, working, playing, doing chores – give praise to the God of October glory. He is revealed in the cool breezes, the vibrant colours, the crunch of leaves underfoot, the earthy scents, the joy of play, the productivity of work. He is over all, through all and in all. God is Greater! 

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