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Changes... Last week in Grade One-A, we completed at Dot Collage inspired by the book "The Dot" by Peter H. Reynolds. We each drew and coloured a different sized dot and added it to the bulletin board at the back of the class. We added more and more dots until the whole board was filled. We learned that dots can come in all shapes and sizes. God has made us unique and we are His masterpieces! We learned that we can change the size of the dot and it changes how it will look in the collage. We also discovered that when we put the same coloured dots together, they made an amazing display. Change can be a good thing as we learn something that we never knew before. It always surprises me how quickly the weather can change. Take this weekend, for example - flip flops and sunglasses on Friday, then blustery and wet on Saturday and the first snowfall on Sunday. How can this be? Weather is unpredictable and unstable, at times. Even the best weather people cannot predict what turn the weather will take. Life is a lot like that, too. We cannot predict what the future holds. We cannot even predict what tomorrow will bring. But, we have this hope: the God of our Today, is also God of our Tomorrow. He is the constant in the midst of our life's calm moments and in the storms. I am ever thankful for this blessing! May this bring you comfort as we begin this new week knowing that God is over all, through all, and in all. K. VanderPloeg
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