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Let's talk about practice. That word can bring on a stomach ache in students and parents alike. However, many different things in our lives need practice, not just musical instruments!  I recently read a book by Philip Johnston called "Not Until You've Done Your Practice!" Johnston writes, "In almost every piece you play there will be some parts that you find easy and some that you find hard. Despite this, most students have a strange tendency to practise all of the piece equally, devoting as much time and effort to the easy bits as they do to the hard bits. When you are practising, work on the hard bits." Johnston continues to give several examples of why we should practice the "hard bits" first. A correlation can be drawn between practising a piece of music and practising kindness, or gentleness or joy or.... (you fill in the blank). Next time you are up against one the “hard bits" of the Christian life, get to practising. The reward will be very great.
                            Elizabeth Martin, Music Teacher

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