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Celebrating Our Heritage

There is a beautiful picture book in my collection called The Matchbox Diary.

A little girl visits her great grandfather and happens across an old wooden cigar box that holds several smaller matchboxes. Inside each matchbox is an unlikely object with no meaning to the little girl, until her great grandfather shares its story. Together the little girl and the old man recount his emigration from Italy, his first tough years in America, and his yearning to record his life in some fashion because he could not read and write. I highly recommend this book, not just for the story, but also for the fabulous illustrations. An amazing book!

As we celebrate our heritage this week and appreciate each others’ stories and backgrounds, may we also celebrate how God has created differences. Ask questions this week. Tell your stories and discover also what God has done and how He is working in the lives of people past and present.

Carol Verbeek

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