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Libraries - one of my favourite topics to discuss!

Libraries were once somber quiet places where books were warehoused and librarians kept them in order.  Have you ever thought of how a library is different today than when you were a child?  Have you ever wondered what the “modern” library of the future may look like?  At the recent Ontario Library Association conference, attendees were shown what a futuristic library might look like and the role it has for its community.   I could hardly imagine some scenarios that were presented of what you could do at your local library in fifty years!  Some existing libraries already bring more accessible use of technology to the next level with their “Maker Spaces” and the use of 3-D printers.  Here the library’s role is not only to have the information about something but also equipment to produce it and share it!   But the one common thread which runs through the past library, the present library and the future library is the availability of knowledge and understanding and also the need for space for community. There is a lot of “community” being shared at the WCS Library as well.  I have said this before but I am always so grateful that the WCS board has always prioritized budgeting to develop the best possible library for its students with the funds available.  And I am privileged to work in it!  

                Marian Dieleman-Librarian

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