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Love is Untidy

    "Love is untidy." These were the words I heard in Church yesterday as that was yesterday's message during the Lenten sermon series entitled "You Are Loved". "God turns the world upside down" are the words I heard in staff devotions two week's ago, a message echoed with the following video that was watched: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTQT99k8LUg. And a few weeks back, I read a devotion that God calls us to love others even if they irritate us, if they get on our nerves, if our personalities clash, even if our intentions get misunderstood. There is nothing easy about that. It can get rather messy sometimes.
    "There is no 'Christ' without the cross" are the words I heard today during the morning's staff devotions. God sent his Son into the world to be sacrificed because of His great love for us. Jesus was taunted, he was mocked, he was nailed to a cross, his blood was shed, and he died. There is nothing tidy about that, and yet that was God's plan. At WCS we serve the same God as the God who promised a Saviour during the time the world turned upside down in the Garden of Eden; we serve a God who sacrificed his Son on the cross so the messiness of sin would be paid.
    As we approach Good Friday and Easter let us remember the words of John 3:16-17 that God's Son is the answer to a world that is messy.
                                G. Hiemstra


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