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Track & Field

    This is a big week at WCS. Track and Field Day is on Wednesday. This is either a day children love or one they don't want to see come every year. I was the later student. Track and Field Day was not a highlight and it usually resulted in tears and feelings of being inadequate.
    For the children who excel at or enjoy running and jumping this is an awesome day. They shine and get to show their ribbons with pride. We love seeing these children doing their best and receiving recognition for a job well done!
    For the children whose bodies are not good at running or jumping this is a tough day. They try their best but don't receive those colourful ribbons. I want to encourage those students to continue to try their best and try to make their personal best for the events they compete in.
    My prayer for this Wednesday, is that we will be able to celebrate with each child who does their personal best, and revel in how God has created us all perfectly and with our own unique talents. Philippians 4:13 says, "I can do all this through him who gives me strength."
    Remember that whether you win or lose, God can be glorified through your hard work and effort!

                            N. Van Andel

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