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Noah - A Righteous Man

Noah - A Righteous Man
At our Wednesday morning chapel last week, we learned more about Noah as a hero of faith and how God called him to complete the unusual task of building an ark. Noah was a righteous man, we read in the Biblical account, and he responded to God in obedience. Righteous is not a word that we use in our everyday language. However, check out the definition and the alternate words listed in the thesaurus: good, virtuous, upright, upstanding, decent, ethical, principled, moral, high-minded, law-abiding, honest, honorable, blameless, irreproachable, noble. What a list of terrific qualities! We should all desire to be righteous like Noah! As we draw our students' attention to the Bible characters listed in Hebrews 11, we seek to focus on the action that each of these people of faith carried out, but also the virtues that each person exemplifies. Obedience and righteousness are themes in the Noah account. As you explore, read, and reread the Bible stories with your family this year, I encourage you to go deep, ask questions about how the characters responded to their calling in their time and place in history. Challenge your children to respond in obedience to God in this time and place. Our prayer is that our children will grow in knowledge, wisdom and in their faith walk this year as they understand that they are part of God's great story of salvation and action.
C. Verbeek
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