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It's Fall

Welcome to the fall season! It may still feel like summer with current temperatures so high, but we have (as of September 22nd), officially entered fall! I hope that these past few weeks have gone smoothly for you: transitioning your children back to school or sending them for the first time.
As I reflect on the first 3 weeks of school I think about how busy it is for students, parents, and teachers - yet it is an exciting time. We teachers feel the energy and excitement and we know its because of things like: the first day of school, reuniting with friends and/or making new friends, leadership team sign-ups, soccer teams practising, cross country runners training, volleyball starting in a week, buddy classes getting together for the first time, the Terry Fox run, the first pizza day, and so on. From a teacher's perspective, September can of course be a stressful time, but it the excitement seem propels us forward. It's exciting for teachers because the students are excited. It's neat to see students signing up for extra-curricular activities, testing themselves mentally and physically again, and building community here at WCS. I pray that this school year goes well for you and your child. I pray that your child finds enjoyment in his/her learning.  I pray that your child grows in the wisdom and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour. Blessings!
A. Hiemstra
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