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Morning Meetings

Morning Meetings
The teachers at Woodstock Christian School attended a workshop late last year on the Responsive Classroom. The Responsive Classroom is a framework for the day which helps to remind us that the socio-emotional learning of a child is as important as the academic learning of a child. Most of us were very excited about how this framework seemed to fit into what we as teachers are already doing in our classrooms and have begun our journey's with the Responsive Classroom.
One aspect of this framework is holding a morning meeting to start each day. You may have noticed these taking place in classrooms at the beginning of each day and wondered what they are about. Morning Meetings are an opportunity for every child to hear their name said as they are greeted in some way by a classmate or teacher. It is a time to share with each other their stories and a time to listen as each child has an opportunity to share. There is a time to play a short energizer which also helps to build a sense of community and last, a short morning message to the students about the day that is ahead of them. Teachers have also altered the Morning Meeting time to include devotions to keep true to the teachings that we cherish here at Woodstock Christian to help equip our students for a life of service!
S. Kiers
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