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Service Project

As you may know, each grade at Woodstock Christian School is involved in 3 service projects per year. Typically one is geared toward supporting our school or local community, another  supports a Canadian based group, and another supports a cause outside of Canada. Each service project is memorable and serves to help our students realize that there is great need world-wide and that as Christians, we've been called to help our neighbours, near and far.
This year, the Gr. 5's have started with our international service project; we're hosting a bake sale for the entire school on Thursday, November 16th in support Lagosette Christian School (LCS) in Haiti! We've been learning about Haiti and LCS off and on throughout this school year, enjoying guest speakers who've been to Haiti on missions trips, or who currently work there. One of those guest speakers was Bernice Huinink Buiter, our former principal! Bernice has been working for an organization in Haiti called "Children of the Promise" for the last 2 years as an advisor for LCS. LCS's mission is, "to provide Christ-centered quality education, equipping students for a life of praise and service in their communities and beyond for the glory of Jesus Christ." Their vision is: "to is to develop Christian leaders to bring transformation in Haiti and beyond."
This Christmas season, the money raised here at WCS will be sent to Haiti with Bernice. She will purchase all the items for the boxes in Haiti at their local market. By doing it this way, we'll help support and stimulate the economy Haitian economy.
The Gr. 5 class is excited to be a part of this plan! We're trying to raise $1,500 to help purchase Christmas gifts for each child at LCS in Haiti. Thanks to many generous donations over the course of 2 weeks, we are already at $1,232! The Gr. 5 class has also been making bookmarks and necklaces (see pictures below) to go into each Christmas gift. Please consider sending your child to school with some money on Thursday, November 16th so that treats can be purchased in support of LCS in Haiti. Thank you.
Axel Hiemstra (Gr. 5 Teacher) 
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