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Grow in Faith

Growing in Faith   

One of our guiding documents at Woodstock Christian School is the  Student Character Profile. This document was developed a few years ago with considerable input from the teaching staff and information from the Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools, as well as partner schools in the OACS family. Our desire was to articulate more full the words in our tagline - FAITH, LEARNING, COMMUNITY.  Currently, as we are engaged in developing a strategic plan for Woodstock Christian School, we are reviewing some of our essential documents. Here is the first part of the Student Character Profile. In future weeks, look for the rest of the document - the “grow in learning” and “grow in community” components. As we partner with you in your child’s education, join us in praying for and cultivating these key characteristics and skills.

-Carol Verbeek, Principal

      WCS strives to prepare students who:

Grow in


• live their lives in thankfulness to God, praising and serving him

• possess a deep understanding of God’s grace and a sense of humility about self

• can articulate that God created them uniquely as his image-bearers, that God loves them, and has called them serve in this world

• think critically, test the spirits of this age, and show thoughtful discernment

• share their conviction that Jesus Christ is the Saviour of the world and that God the Father is the creator and keeper of all

• have a sense of wonder for the fallen but beautiful creation

• show basic Biblical literacy, cultivate a Christian worldview that combines intellectual understanding of God’s call on their life with the awareness of the need for action through the prompting of the Holy Spirit


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