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Awe. Marvel. Wonder.


In this spring (almost summer!) season, when everything is green and growing, seeds are sprouting in the fields and gardens, flowers and shrubs are blooming, we thank God for His creative power and for the rhythm of the seasons. Recently our staff devotions have highlighted the precision and detail of the created world and the amazing opportunity we have, as educators at WCS, to show students God’s glory. We want for them to experience awe and wonder as they explore and see the world around them. I was blessed this past weekend to enjoy a little bit of Canada’s west coast. From oceanside to mountain top views, from sunshine to sudden snow showers, from soaring eagles to diving seals - the beauty and majesty of God continues to be revealed.

In his song, Creation Calls, Brian Doerksen writes:

“I have felt the wind blow,

Whispering your name

I have seen your tears fall,

When I watch the rain.

How could I say there is no God?

When all around creation calls!!

A singing bird, a mighty tree,

The vast expanse of open sea…”

Our God has created an amazing world for us to care for and enjoy. See it. Share it. Praise God for it.

-Carol Verbeek, Principal

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